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The end of 1994, Development and Construction of Kingswell Garden and Mandarin Garden Villa in Hongqiao District
July 1996, Completion of Kingswell Garden
This housing project was awarded as one of the most popular ten housing projects in Shanghai city. It’s popular in Hong Kong and the news has been published in the newspaper.
July 1997, Completion of Mandarin Garden Villa
The villa was jointly designed by leading US architectural firms and Shanghai Architectural Design Institute for high-level and refined people at home and abroad.

The end of 1997, Development and Construction of Golden United Financial Tower
October 1999, Completion of Golden United Financial Tower
The building is located in the center of the Bund and designed by AM in the United States. The designation combines the beauty of tradition and modernity. It settles in the middle of the Bund buildings and near the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone.

June 2000, Development and Construction of Chateau Garden
April 2001, Completion of Chateau Garden
The housing project consists of 60 French style villas and 1 top-level club. The delicate designation came from AM Partner and Bell Collins. It was awarded one of the top-three villas and the best club villa in Shanghai.

2003, Development and Construction of Lido Villa in Xujing
July, 2004 | Completion of Lido Villa
The housing project consists of 31 detached houses with plot ratio of 0.39 and landscaping ratio of 62%.

The end of 2004, Development and Construction of CHATEAU PINNACLE in the west of Huashan greening area
2008, Completion of CHATEAU PINNACLE
This housing project was designed by Belt Collins from well-known landscaping designation firm with exquisite pattern and delicate sceneries.

2012, Be about to develop Liduhui project in Xujing
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