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Established in 1991, Shanghai Golden United Construction & Development Co., Ltd (“Golden United” for short) is an integrated enterprise whose portfolio ranges from real estate development to foreign investment, financial trade, architectural decoration, property management and ecological forestry.
Golden United is dedicated to developing high-quality residential properties in Shanghai, expanding and managing existing properties appropriately.With diversity development power, we develop various kinds of properties covering innovative and high-quality apartments, villas, office buildings and commercial properties. 
Our corporate purposes states that to succeed requires ‘Treat People with Benevolence, Conduct Operation with Assiduous andPrudence’. We adhere to the corporate spirit of ‘people oriented’. We have good relationships with investors, clients, employees and people from all walks of society. For investors, we are committed to conducting various operations and making good returns; for clients, we keep close pace with market and provide high-quality products and services. We realize employees are our absolute treasure, and take great pride in our teamwork spirit and sense of belonging from our staff.
Golden United has been established for more than 20 years. We are required to comply with laws and advocate ethics. Conducting operation with integrity, practical principle and innovation made Golden United unique in the real estate industry. In the future, to maintain the continuous leading position in the industry, we will take the very best strategic vision, excellent management and professional marketing running and apply them to create brands with more social impact.
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